Friday, November 14, 2008

Halloween in Athens!!

Since the AHA crew was separated on Halloween during the fall break we decided to have a post-Halloween celebration last weekend in our apartment. Apparently Halloween isn't really celebrated in Greece, a few of the Albanian boys that have joined our clan still can't quite figure out what it is all about. Everyone did so well with their costumes considering hat we had to work with. Some of them turned out pretty hilarious like Maya's Spartan Tampon Woman costume, The Hair Spray Trio, or the boys that all dressed up as each other. Scott wore Zane's OHIO shirt and straw hat, I seriously believed it was Zane as they were coming up the stairs. My favorite was probably Zane, who was basically a ladies man in very tight women's pants that he found at the flea market. I was a pirate with one of my roommates, Sarah, and I seriously would dress like that everyday if I could. The started early, ended early because we needed to get on the bus at the crack of dawn for the Peloponnese the next morning but it was still a complete success! 

Thanks for the care package Mom, your goodies were the inspiration for the party, we decorated all the walls with stickers and the banners it was fantastic

Sarah and I loving Zane the ladies man in his tight women's pants

Me and Jackie, an 80's girl

Caitlin came as Columbus of course, and Kristina was a member of the Hellenic League

Some of the Roomies and myself...Sarah and I were Pirates, Jen was Cleopatra, and Sarah was a Greek Goddess

The boys all dressed up as each other...Zach was Ed, Jordan was Scott, and Scott was Zane....that is Zane's signature "this is where I am from" pose that Scott is doing

The Hair Spray gang, Tracey, Penny, and Link 

Jenee the Hippie and I loving each other

Maya the Spartan Tampon Woman and David on of the Blues Brothers

Once again AHA attempts a group picture...this was right after Carly sat on the glass coffee table and broke it. 

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Kick ass costumes