Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bitter Sweet

It is dead week in Greece and I am getting to the final days of my quarter here. I can't even fathom how quickly the past two and a half months have gone. I honestly can't wait to see everyone and have the comforts of being home, but it is a bitter sweet departure from this great city. As terrified as I was to go on this adventure, it was more than worth it. The people I have met, as well as the things I have seen and experienced are going to be with me forever and I am so grateful for all of it. 


efrosini said...

YAY!! i'm glad you had an amazing time and really got to appreciate someplace other than home. love you buggaboo!! can't wait to tackle you when you get back!!

Alex said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy you're having fun, but i am soo excited to see you! I've missed you! and when you come home you are going straight to the theaters and seeing twilight... It was great! Luv ya cuz!