Tuesday, November 18, 2008


We just got home from our two-day excursion to Delphi. It was not the best weather we could have wanted, but being up in the mountains for a huge rainstorm was sort of fun. We drove first to the Osios Loukas Byzantine Monastery where we explored the different parts of the church and the surrounding area for a while before moving on the lower site of Delphi. Michael showed us the reconstructed Tholos of Delphi as well as the Temple of Athena, and then led us up to the fountain of Delphi, where some scholars believe that the Oracle was given water that had some sort of mysterious effect on her, and helped with the prophecies she made. After our first viewing of Delphi we headed down the road to our adorable little hotel, with the most amazing view of the mountains of Delphi. We had a little time to explore the streets before I had Persuasion class. Later that night, we all met up to go to a dinner sponsored by Alena, which was delicious, and though filling some of us couldn’t deny our overwhelming craving for crepes, so we had crepes on the way home in the rainstorm which were amazing. Once we reached the hotel we found some of the group in the lobby watching “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” so of course we had to join them. We set out the next morning to explore the upper archeological site of Delphi. There are 83 different architectural sites within the sanctuary of Delphi, so we spent a full morning exploring with Michael. Afterwards we went into the museum to see where much of the artwork is preserved from the original buildings. There was so much to see and so much to learn, I feel like its best to share details mostly through pictures.

Osios Loukas Monastery ceiling

Lighting a candle at the Monastery

Alter, no longer in use by the Monks, open for viewing by the public

Sarah and I in the courtyard outside the Church

Some of the Roomies and I playing around at the site

Welcome to Delphi

Sarah, Dave and I enjoying the sites
Unsatisfied from their race in Olympia the boys had to race again

This time Jordan won

Michael sits, I can sit too...tired from all that hoofing

Treasury of Athens

Temple of Apollon

Theatre at Delphi


This is the tiny crawl space that Michael lead us through, basically a gutter under the Temple, not made for tall people and very dirty, but fun! 

Out of all the Bronze statues that once existed at the site of Delphi this is the only one they have left, a nameless chariot driver

Kristina and I out on our balcony with the most amazing view

We had to do a late night crepe run through the rainstorm, so worth it

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traci said...

Sarah - This is so incredible! I check your blog frequently and am loving every entry! I can't believe all the exciting things you have seen and done. What a great experience.

Love ya lots - Traci and Mike