Tuesday, September 16, 2008


We went to the Acropolis today and it was incredible! 

I am loving this place! 

Picture break on the way up to the Acropolis with some of the girls

Amazing Theatre, recently renovated and still used for shows today

All the Roommates in front of the Parthanon

Katie and I messing around while we should probably be listening to Michael's lecture

Alena and Michael in the midst of  all of us eager students 


Kristina and I enjoying the view

Jessi, Jenee and I from the highest point at the Acropolis

Amazing view from the look out point

These two girls crack me up

Girls grabbing some grub after a long hot afternoon



Abby said...

that plate of deliciousness just made my stomach growl haha ahhh i can't even believe you are there!!! you should probably just record the lectures and send them to me becuase it all seems soooooooo fascinating!! im so glad that your lovin it!! <3<3

autumn said...

So so great! I can't even belive you were AT the acropolis!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so so crazy. What a life changing time and a life changing meal! That gyro is calling my name!

efrosini said...

Sounds amazing love!! Love the prof Michael he just looks so cute!! OMG that gyro looks delicious!! So glad you're loving it there!!!