Friday, September 12, 2008

I made it!!

You should be so proud, it was a crazy adventure getting over here including almost getting lost in Germany and being stranded on the streets of Athens, having no idea where to go. 

View of Greece from the Plane because I am a dork like that...and also the street where my apartment is located. This is so unreal. 

Computer cord completely fried because we tried to use too much power in our room today...oops! So this may be the only update for a while. Have to go get ready for our fancy dinner! 


autumn said...

I knew you wouldn't miss us...fancy dinner...roomates...liquor...i'm so so happy for you..and sad for us!

efrosini said...

yay!! glad you made it safely love!! hahah you would fry your computer cord with in the first two days!! love you!!

Abby said...

looks incredible already!!!!! can't believe you are off adventuring while im in edmonds sipping orange juice haha LIVE IT UP!

Deena said...

Sarah! Yes yes, it's me, the bitter ex-maggie-moo-now-portlander that you failed to ever visit. Anyways, I'm so excited for you that you're in Greece! I'm proud of you for leaving B'ham too, love. I'm totally going to be reading your blogs. Now if you ever get lonely, I'm always here for you too mmk? Love you and have HEAPS of fun! <3