Sunday, September 21, 2008

Love Nest

I'm happy to say that everyone in our program is getting along so well already. I know it's only been a little over a week but I feel like we have a really great group, and I'm sure there are so many great things ahead of us. I'm really happy with the variety of people in our group, each person contributes a different personality to the group. I was so scared to leave the comfort of my amazing friends at home, but so far I have not been disappointed, everyone is down to have a good time no matter what we are doing! 

Some of the ladies getting ready to hit the town!

Almost all the AHA girls in my apartment

The Love Nest....So last night we decided to have a giant sleep over in our huge living room. We put together 7 mattresses and this was the result. SO fun! 

This is Tori and I attempting to use the chopsticks properly 

Jessi used her can of "BIG SEXY HAIR" hair spray on all us girls for our night out

Wandering around by the Old Olympic Stadium at night, no big deal. 

Dancing it up in the club with Carly!

I am missing everyone back home a lot already and I'm sure I will have times that are more difficult than others, but so far so good with new friends! 


efrosini said...

love nest looks amazing!!! skype date soon please!!

Kelli said...

Sar Bear - I finally have your blog and and a blast reading it. I am totally jealous! You guys are having so much fun. Love it! We need to set up a skype date soon! Love you. Aunt Kelli

sarah said...

yes yes yeeesss skype date! isn't this week the office premiere? when all you lovelies are together we should set up a date....i would even wake up early for it haha....plan?? we will figure something out!

traci said...

Sar Bear - Sheri just sent your blog info -- way fun! Brings back so many memories of the islands so many years ago... esp your shots of the market! All I could think about was the smell of the fresh baked bread in the morning - which of course we ate with marmalade and instant coffee (Ug!). Have you had the wonderful feta cheese yet? I haven't anything close to it in the states. I think we lived on greek salads for lunch. The olives - oh the olives! We didn't see many gyros when we were there. Ate lots of souvlaki and others ate lots of mossaki - spelling??? - but I'm not a big fan of eggplant...

So excited for you to get out to the islands. We never made it to Crete -- but I have friends who did and they loved it. You will love Mykonsos -- very pretty but also lots of fun. Curious if your classes will take you to beautiful Santorini -- lots of history and archeologic sites.

Have a great -- but safe (yes, I am old...) time!

Love you!