Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Zurich, Switzerland.

After a long over night train from Prague, I was reunited at the train station in Zurich with my friend Marcel from Napoli, and we began planning an eventful afternoon right away. A local Zurich ice hockey match and a fondue dinner with his family were both on the agenda. Joined soon after by Edith, my couch surfing friend from Vienna, we all took off into the city of Zurich to see what could be seen on a quiet Sunday afternoon. With my tour guides on either side, both pointing out different aspects of the city and even teaching each other a few things along the way, we ended up down at the waterfront where the best views of the city can be found. On this foggy day, they both carried on about how disappointing the view was in comparison to a typical day, but I was impressed none the less. With plans to meet up later, Edith left us to be on our way to the ice hockey match. Sitting high up in the bleachers, we cheered right along with the die hard fans of Zurich. Full of excitement in our hearts, and the traditional Swiss sausages in our stomachs, we watched Zurich take a strong lead over the small town rivals from outside of Bern and soon they had clinched a victory and the stadium erupted in praise. As we joined the people streaming out of the stadium afterwards we discussed the game, laughing at each other as we tried to make sense of the many rules of ice hockey that we don't actually know anything about. 

Collecting our supplies for a night of fondue festivities we headed off to Marcel's parents house where we were greeted by his father, brother, and friend that were excited for their first fondue night of the season. Joining them in the kitchen I asked how I could help, and his dad turned to me and said, "you can learn to make the fondue!" and quickly I was faced with pressure of not ruining the meal for everyone as they explained each step to me carefully, and I learned the importance of stirring the melting cheese in a figure "8" form as to prevent it from burning at the bottom. Seasons of all kinds were added to the fondue pan, while home made bread was sliced for dipping. When it was ready we gathered around the table to enjoy the results of the deliciously rich melted cheese, while I had the chance to get to know this gracious family that had welcomed me into their home. 

The nights in Zurich were spent with my new friends exploring their favorite pubs and restaurants, while getting to know them more and having a chance to see more parts of the city. On the day of my departure I caught up with Edith for breakfast at her favorite cafe where we chatted the morning away and made plans to hopefully see each other again soon. She soon had to be off to work, leaving me to discover the daily street market down by the water on a beautiful sunny morning and wander slowly back through the main streets of the city centre to the train station where I was off to my next destination. 

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