Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Genoa, Italy

My short time spent in Genoa could really just be described as passing through, since my time was limited to explore the city of over half a million, and the largest historical district in all of Italy. My first night there I met up with my new host and he took me through the city, stopping at some of Genoa’s best scenes including the Cathedral and Piazza De Ferrari, the main square of the city. We strolled through the streets while sampling the focaccia bread that Genoa is famous for, which will make me unable to appreciate focaccia anywhere else ever again because no where else will compare to how delicious this was. My new Italian friend was most excited to show me one monument in particular, Christopher Columbus’ house. Unwilling to offend my gracious host with my negative opinions about Christopher Columbus, because he was obviously very excited to be showing his first American surfer the home of the alleged founder of our country, I chose not to discuss my distaste for Columbus with him. The history nerd in me did find it pretty exciting to see the house, despite my dislike for this historical figure that we still have a holiday dedicated to for some reason. So I took my pictures to capture the sight and we continued through the city to see a few more places together before calling it a night. I had chance to explore a bit more on my own the morning before my train left to take me across the country to catch the ferryboat, and I explored just a fraction of the city, looking up at the massive buildings all around me in every direction through out the historical center. 

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