Saturday, September 22, 2012

Taormina, Sicily

Leaving the city of Catania behind I was off to smaller and better places, the beautiful tourist filled village of Taormina. Arriving at the hostel, sweating and exhausted from the long uphill hoof with my backpack weighing on my shoulders I quickly got the information I needed and headed out to enjoy the town since there was only one day to see it all. Stopping off at the market to get some snacks first, I headed towards the winding stairs at the end of the road that would provide a scenic view of the coastline as I trekked my way down to the beautiful beaches. After enjoying the picnic lunch and dozing on the rocks for a while, the clouds rolled in and told me it was time to head back up to the city. Riding the small cable car up the hillside, squished together with several other passengers, I turned myself around to watch the water get smaller and smaller beneath us and enjoyed the view of the neighboring cities down the coast. The small city of Taormina mostly consists of one main road, where all the major attractions can be found. The Porte Arche begins the historical district of the main street, Corso Umberto, where the first stop was up to the Teatro Greco, the Greek Theatre. Massive in size and perfectly positioned to have the best view of both the town and the sea, the Teatro Greco was a gorgeous monument. Exploring the ins and outs of the entertainment arena and climbing to the highest point to catch a view of the entire region, I then continued on along main-street to visit the Duomo Cathedral and the Clock town. Stepping inside some of the churches along the way was a necessity, some had services in process and though interesting to watch, made me feel under dressed and out of place so I quickly continued on my way. After purchasing a few items to cook for dinner and a bottle of Sicilian wine I headed back to the hostel where I found four Austrian travelers to share the kitchen with. Friends for many years they were traveling through Sicily for a couple weeks, and had stumbled upon Taormina for the night. Our separate meals quickly became one as we shared supplies and beverages, and all dined together on the terrace until late in the night. 

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i would like to be friends with that colorful painter. i reckon he would get along well with the scarf man.