Sunday, August 26, 2012

Παγκράτι, σπίτι μου.

This past week has been a great walk down memory lane. Staying here in the apartment that was once occupied by two of our friends, while passing by our old apartment building daily on the way to our favorite coffee shops, gyro restaurant, and markets is all so comforting and familiar. We visited the Athens Centre, our old school, where have spent so many hours in class, studying, chatting with friends, and killing time in between classes. Some of the staff has changed, but the atmosphere remains the same, supportive and welcoming. Having a place to stay in an area we know so well has been such a positive way to start this adventure, and every day I think to myself how difficult it will be to leave this amazing city. For me there are still so many things unseen, and there will never be enough time for it all. Although, new adventures will be found anywhere I travel. Tomorrow begins a new experience on Corfu, and I'm excited to see what this Greek island has in store for me!

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