Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Acropolis, Round 3.

The first time I visited the Acropolis site I had only been in Athens a few short days, and was still adjusting to the whirlwind of time change, raging heat, and general life in a completely foreign place. Trying to take in everything my incredible professor was throwing at us that day was near impossible, but I remember my amazement of how completely massive and beautiful the Parthenon was, and the setting was not comparable to anything else I'd ever seen. Countless pictures were taken with my new friends that I had just barely begun to know and of everything I saw, afraid to miss a single detail. 

The second time I took a hike up that hill I was playing tour guide with my sisters and their friends, trying so hard to remember any details I could about these beautiful structures, and why they were built in such a way, what they represented, timeline of the creation...anything really. I must admit that my knowledge from an archeological perspective was not impressive, but again, countless pictures were taken and this ancient city's ability to amaze me did not fall short the second time either. 

Four years later, my third trip to the top of the hill, still battling the raging heat while taking countless pictures, and once again it does not fail to blow me away. The sky was perfectly blue, but the winds at the top made it possible to sit in the sun for hours and look up at the beautiful Parthenon in all it's glory.  We were surprised by how many facts we could pull out of our memories about different parts of the structures, and spent the afternoon reminiscing about our three months abroad while taking in the sites all over again. As an added bonus, the new Acropolis Museum, that was still under construction the last time we were here, was open and full of so many new pieces to be admired. 

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