Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tower of the WInds

A couple weeks ago my Greek Persuasion class took our own special field trip to the Roman Agora, marketplace, to see the Tower of the Winds. The Tower of the Winds was one of the well-known locations for a water clock. Water clocks were ceramic basins of varying size that have holes in the bottom. They were used to measure time during speeches, in Ancient Greek courts. Speech givers would have only the amount of time in would take a full water clock to empty itself for their speech. A good speech giver would be able to know precisely how long they had according to how full the line was, since the water would flow out of the bowl at a different pace as it became less full due to factors like water pressure and such. Unfortunately, the water clock is no longer at the Tower of the Winds in the Agora, which was disappointing but Michael promised we would see one on a later field trip.

Tower of the Winds

Our whole Persuasion class outside of the tower

Michael, Tori and I

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