Friday, October 24, 2008

Amphiareion, Thorikos, and Sounion

Yesterday we had a full day off classes to take a field trip with Michael to the sites of Amphiareion, Thorikos, and Sounion. The first stop, the Sanctuary of Amphiareion was located outside the city in a very remote forest. I loved the location, my fellow Washingtonian, Scott and I decided it felt like home to be surrounded by trees finally again. Michael showed us all around the sanctuary pointing out the Stoa, Reception area, Temple, Altar, Theatre, and the location of a giant water clock.

Colonnade, or Stoa of the Sanctuary, where the "healing process" took place. The most important parts of the healing process were sleeping and dreaming, and the solution to any problem was supposed to come through in the dream.

Theatre located behind the colonnade, with the 5 thrones all dedicated to the sanctuary by a priest 

Reception area, across the river from the Sanctuary. Every one who entered had to first go through a process of approval before being admitted in. This area included hostels and inns, taverns, and shops for purchasing things for offerings/sacrifices. The area surrounding was often occupied by tents, especially during major game festivals for those who came to support participants from their city states.

HUGE Water Clock

Hanging out in the Water Clock!
Carly and I at the Sanctuary 

Altar, used for sacrifices and offerings to the deities

Temple at Amphiareion

From Amphiareion we traveled to the Theatre of Thorikos, which was used for many things like drama performances but also for the political assembly of the people. The grounds surrounding the Theatre have their claim to fame as being known for mining of silver. The amount of silver thought to have been found at this location transfers to billions of dollars today. We also saw the layout of homes for the slaves that both worked and lived on the grounds.

The Theatre of Thorikos was used for many things like drama performances but also for the political assembly of the people.

The whole AHA gang at Thorikos

Katie and I soaking up some knowledge in the location of the slave houses. The slaves worked and lived on the same ground and were used to mine the silver found in the ground.

The final location of our trip was in Sounion. This site was probably my favorite so far this quarter. It is the local of the Temple of Poseidon, at top a cliff on the peninsula of Sounion. Almost completely surrounded by the water of the Aegean Sea, this was one of the most beautiful sites I have seen so far. We were so lucky the weather was cooperative too, despite how windy it was, the lighting from the sun made it even better. We had a great time playing around on the cliffs, trying not to fall into the sea from the powerful winds. The sight was amazing, I couldn’t even capture it in a picture.

Jenee and I in front of our future homes at Sounion. 

Temple of Poseidon

This column of the Tempe has the signature of Lord Byron on it. 

Katie and I playing around on the cliffs, maybe not the best idea? 

Incredible view from the top of the cliffs into the Aegean Sea

DID YOU KNOW….How the Aegean Sea got its name? According to Greek Mythology, Thiseas, son of King of Athens, Aigeas set out to end the conflict with Minoans and defeat the mythical Minotaur, a monster with the body of a man and the head of a bull. He made a deal with his father that upon returning he would sail white sails if he was successful, and black if he had failed. Though he did in fact beat Minotaur, he forgot to change the sails. Aigeas, saw his son's ship coming in from Sounion at the temple of Poseidon with black sails and threw himself into the sea with despair. Thus, why it is now called the Aegean Sea....thanks Jessi for playing the nerd card.

The field trip was amazing, especially after such a long and stressful week of class. We had a terribly hard Monuments test and a paper due this week, so I am more than ready for fall break. Katie, Kristina, Caitlin, Tori and I leave on Sunday for a week in Italy! I am so excited! 


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