Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Amazing Adventures in Athens

I was so spoiled the past weekend with crazy adventures around Athens. I finally made it to the beach last Saturday, even on my gimpy foot. It was so gorgeous. We took the tram all the way to the end of the Beach and got off, walked around and ended up at the this sort of hidden location that was so beautiful and not too crowded. Pretty sure we were supposed to pay for beach access there but no one stopped us, oh well! 

The water was so warm and relaxing...we swam, laid out out in the sun, played some beach volleyball and pretty much just wasted the day away which was exactly what I was hoping for. 

Tori and I at the Beach enjoying how completely beautiful the water was! 

Those are some hardcore volleyball players right there

Cheers to an amazing day at the beach! 

The rest of the evening and night was spent getting ready for a night out at the clubs. We got all fancied up and danced the night away. 

Some of the girls and I in Tori and Caitlin's room before going out...getting all fancied up! 

Jackie and I were starving so we grabbed delicious Gyros before our loooong walk to Spirit

Tori and I at Spirit 

David and I taking a break from dancing outside

The weekend was still not complete after a late night at Spirit. On Sunday we went to another concert at the Old Olympic Stadium. The concert was the MTV Greece kick off featuring REM, so this time it was in English! We had great seats and it still blows my mind to see the entire stadium fill up with people like that. 

Jackie and I at the stadium, waiting for the concert to start

Matt, Caitlin, and I still waiting for the concert

Jessi and Jenee showed up! 

Carly, Katie and I...Jenee's man put that hat on my head, not really sure where it came from but I kept it! 

REM was a-mazing and so much fun! 

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Erin said...

Everything looks amazing. Can't believe you saw REM. GEEEZE> Also, my friend, you look beyond amazing, you look so happy, you have gorgeous outfits, you're HELLA tan, your makeup looks incredible, i am in awe. Come home though soon k? So we can PARTY/PLAY it up.